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Show Me Dents offers paintless automotive dent repair (also called PDR), professional and affordable hail damage repair and general automotive dent repairs. We can fix everything from minor door dings to extensive automotive dents.

Since the factory paintjob on most vehicles is fairly flexible, things like minor dents and dings can often be repaired without affecting the original paint. PDR is ideal for things like hail damage and low-impact dents. Paintless dent repair involves carefully smoothing out minor dents and dings without adding or removing any paint from the vehicle. This technique works well for outer panel strikes and indentations that haven’t stripped paint away from the vehicle.

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First, our experienced technicians will inspect the damage to your vehicle to determine if paintless dent repair will suit your needs. We factor in variables like the extent and location of the damage during this process. In some cases, like if the hood or the edges of a door panel is damaged, paintless dent repair may not be the best solution.

With our years of experience and award-winning service, the experts at Sho Me Dents will quickly and efficiently determine the best solution for repairing every type of dent. Our technicians will access the back of the dent and use specialized tools to remove any dents, dings or creases, eventually restoring it back to its original, undamaged shape.

In some cases, we might use special fluorescent light boards to create shadows that allow our technicians to better gauge the extent of the damage and help them repair it. After using these special tools, your vehicle’s dents and dings will disappear as if they never existed.


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